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Discover the Mukti difference at our massage therapy center, where skilled therapists prioritize your relaxation over rushed experiences. Immerse yourself in the holistic realm of Mukti Ayurvedic Treatments, blending ancient wisdom and modern wellness for a personalized journey. Rooted in Ayurvedic traditions, our therapies aim to harmonize physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Experience transformative sessions in the tranquil ambiance of Mukti Ayurveda, embracing rejuvenation, healing, and self-discovery. Explore Ayurveda with us, where wellness is not just a treatment but a lifestyle.
kerala traditional massage

Kerala Traditional Massage

Immerse in the ancient healing essence with our Kerala Traditional Massage, harmonizing mind and body for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Therapeutic Massages

Discover relief and revitalization with our Deep Tissue Massage, alleviating chronic tension and enhancing flexibility.

Available Treatments
therapeutic massage
rejuvenating massage

Rejuvenating Massages

Embark on a journey of renewal with our Rejuvenation Massage, boosting energy levels and promoting overall vitality. Indulge in sensory bliss with Aroma Therapy, combining essential oils for harmonious relaxation.
Available Treatments

General Body Massages

Indulge in complete relaxation with our General Body Massage, addressing the entire body, releasing tension, and promoting overall well-being. Experience a unique spa journey with Waves Signature.

Available Treatments
general body massage
deep tissue massage

Specialized Massages

Embark on a personalized spa journey with our Waves Signature treatment, providing a distinctive and revitalizing experience. Experience profound relief with our specialized Deep Tissue Massage, targeting muscle layers for enhanced flexibility. Indulge in pampering with our specialized Face Massage, promoting relaxation and enhancing skin health.

Available Treatments

Targeted Massages

Prioritize spinal well-being with our specialized Spine Care treatment, alleviating discomfort and improving flexibility. Revitalize tired legs with our Leg Massage, improving circulation and relieving tension.

Available Treatments
spine care massage
Diverse Massage Options

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Kerala Traditional Massage

Harmonize mind and body with ancient healing techniques, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation Massage

Journey of renewal, boosting energy levels and vitality through specialized techniques for enhanced relaxation.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Relieve stress and tension with targeted therapy, promoting relief and rejuvenation.

Scalp Massage

Elevate well-being with an invigorating Scalp Massage, promoting relaxation and improved blood circulation.

Waves Signature

Unique spa journey, providing a distinctive and revitalizing experience with bespoke techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage

Relief and revitalization through skilled therapists targeting deep muscle layers for overall well-being.

Aroma Therapy

Sensory bliss with essential oils and therapeutic techniques, creating a harmonious and aromatic journey.

Leg Massage

Revitalize tired legs, improving circulation and relieving tension in the lower extremities.

Spine Care

Prioritize spinal well-being with targeted techniques, alleviating discomfort and improving flexibility.

Head & Face Massage

Relaxation with soothing therapy, releasing tension on the head and face for tranquility.

Swedish Massage

Tranquility with gentle strokes and rhythmic movements, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

General Body Massage

Complete relaxation, addressing the entire body for improved circulation and overall well-being.


Therapeutic benefits, focusing on foot pressure points for balance and overall well-being.

Intense Muscle Therapy

Penetrating muscles deeply, this massage brings lasting relief by releasing chronic tension and boosting flexibility.

Face Massage

Pampering and rejuvenation focusing on the facial area, enhancing skin health for a radiant appearance.

Herbal Wellness Showcase

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